Strive by Matthew Douglas Personal Training

Why personal training?

Since qualifying as a level 3 personal trainer in 2016, I have helped countless people in their fitness journeys. The ability to help people achieve their goals is what truly motivates me as a personal trainer. Currently, I am based in Inverness, Scotland and specialise in helping with weight loss, strength training, performance, technique and rehabilitation through exercise. I am also developing my online training platform so that I can help more people in their fitness journeys.  


At school I was always just the ‘skinny’ kid. No matter what I did, I struggled to put on weight. Whilst starting out my career as a personal trainer people often made comments about my physique and questioned my ability to provide good quality, effective fitness advice as a result. Over the years I have trained consistently and efficiently to build muscle and prove myself in the world of fitness and personal training. However, what my journey to this point has taught me is how easy it is to follow the wrong path in fitness. At every turn people claim to help you lose vast amounts of weight in short periods, bulk up or follow pointless training and nutrition plans, founded on fads rather than facts.




    The Progression

    My Mission

    My mission is to help people realise that fitness isn’t about diets and fads but about real, achievable, sustainable goals. I can help you achieve any fitness goal you want along with helping you to develop a positive relationship with exercise because, at the end of the day, you are never going to truly embrace your goals if you don’t love the process of achieving them!

    Fitness, at its core, is simple. Once you develop the tools and understanding, there is no end to what you can achieve. If you are looking for a personal trainer who is patient, kind, understanding and has a wealth of knowledge and experience – then look no further!!



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